Rabee Baghshani: Iranian Digital Artist


Rabee Baghshani is the latest digital artist to enter the Iranian art landscape. Her digital artworks represent a hybrid of east and west where she bridges the country's cultural history with the present pop culture.    

By placing the Qajari figures in a western context, Rabee Baghshani infuses a satirical playfulness in her artworks. Her works results from personal experience and as well as the attempt to create a different understanding of Persian culture.

She is currently being exhibited within KAC's spaces. Come visit her digital works at KAC's Digital Art Gallery.

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Rabee Baghshani was part of the Emergeast, Fourth Dubai Auction in 2017 and had several solo and group shows:
- Old Time, Farzad Art Gallery, 2016
- Emergeast, W Hotel, Art 29, Doha, Qatar, 2017
- Artists for Herosn Aliha Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2017
- The way i am, Farzad Art Gallery, 2016

Nicolas PD. Santos