Katara Art Center becomes KAC

Katara Art Center is becoming KAC, standing for Katara Art Culture. A place "where art meets culture". We decided to undertake this change in order to introduce our new concept spaces. The visual identity has also been reviewed in order to position KAC as a modern and contemporary art institution. Take a look at our video introducing our new visual identity. For press and visuals inquiries, please contact: sara@dohakac.com

Founded in 2012 by Tariq Al Jaidah in the iconic and unique Katara Village (Building 5 - Next to the Amphitheater), the KAC ® is a cultural hub that has been developed to provide a creative ecosystem that goes beyond the typical standards of art, design and culture. It has its own spirit, identity and creative heart.

The KAC is also an art incubator that strengthens the cultural branding of Qatar by helping artists to grow and hosting art events and concepts, shaping Katara Village as one of the leading spots of design, art and culture within the Middle East. We developed many events with world class brands such as Sotheby's. 

Nicolas PD. Santos