Mo Awwad: Digital Art Artist

Mohammad Awwad is an artist & graphic designer located in Amman, Jordan, and a graduate of the Academy of Arts, who finds inspiration in random motives, personal interests, colours, textures and his daily life features, gathering and using anything from detailed collages to bus tickets.

His artwork shows vintage, surreal style with playful colors contrasting over layers of textures, and mixes the various cultures that he is been exposed to.
His continuous pursuit of new experiences, mediums and ideas makes his work more authentic and diverse.

Artist's Statement

In my artworks i try to make sense, through dreamlike imagery, of such contentious issues such as power and politics, the environment and culture. With works inspired by the turmoil in Egypt, the impossible situation in Gaza, the gap in women’s education in certain cultures and the greenhouse ect, each image is a dream scenario with multiple elements. Throughout each image, my trademark harlequin kaleidoscope pattern appears giving the images their whimsical appearance and contradicting the gravity of each subject.

Nicolas PD. Santos