Dr. Ala Bashir " Salient Times " Exhibition

Dr. Ala Bashir is an Iraqi painter,sculptor and plastic surgeon who has exhibited widely and is noted for his portrayals of the human condition.

His works of art have been shown in several international exhibitions in, France (Paris, Cagnes-sur-Mer),the United Kingdom (London),Austria,Germany,Italy,Doha etc.

He earned many National and International Awards,among which are the Gold Medal in the Biennale International Exhibition in Baghdad in 1988,the second prize in the International Poster Exhibition in Paris in 1983 and Iraq’s highest State Award for Fine Art in 2003.

Ala Bashir designed two historically important monuments in Baghdad: “The Union”,a statue depicting the love between man and woman and “The Cry” depicting the tragedy of the Amiyria shelter.

Dr.Ala Bashir represented by Al Markhiya Gallery,opened“ THE SALIENT TIMES” Exhibition in Katara Art Center Building No.5,last January 15,2019 and will run through March 8,2019.The exhibition was packed and was attended by people in the Art Community and Art Lovers as well.

SALIENT TIMES is one of Dr.Ala Bashirs collection that depicts Human Condition.

The Iraq Revolution Exhibition,held at the Adhamiya Olympic Club in Baghdad in 1958,served as his induction to the world of Art.The exhibition opened on 20 September ,1958,merely two months after the 14 July Revolution,which resulted in the overthrow of the Iraqi monarchy.

The Artistic rendition of the violent bloodshed of that day laid bare for him the capacity for evil and vengeance rooted deeply within the soul.This experience help him,in turn,to formulate his personal concept of the art:that art is not for entertainment;that art instead ought to provoke the mind,stir thought,on the meaning and purpose of our human existence.

His artwork is vulnerable,some with terror and some with tears..but among all said,it depicts Reality of human condition and soul.