Living In A Digital World Group Show Exhibition

Living In A Digital World is a Group Show Exhibition of Art Studenst from different Universities in Qatar.This Exhibition is tackling the effects of new technology on the Artist’s works.

Curator,Sara Al-Buainain said and quoted:

“Living In A Digital Art World expresses the experience of the artists nowadays go through.Social Media and technology is controlling the art world highly and the outcome is that we are clearly seeing these transformation through art.

The Digital World affects us in many ways not necessarily a negative way,on the other hand it can hold a positive effects as well.The artists have taken these experiences and translated them into artworks of different forms and mediums.”

Art Credits to: Sara Alzeyara (Qatar University ), Monzer Elsafi (Visual Artist), Sumaia Al-Kilani (CNAQ-College of North Atlantic), Maryam Al-Tajer (VCU), Sultan (Artist)