Reverence of Tranquility by Chef Zarmik

Reverence Of Tranquility

From the 19th Year of the 21st Century,Artist Zarmik,is a native Armenia and Lebanon,her distinctive artistic style emerge and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of her culture through the prism of art.

Divine pieces of paintings ,which is created by the emotions of a persons or an artist,might be different from the others but it’s always an art that has no limit also an innate capacity that desire through mesmerising the passion of creating an art masterpieces,how about her paintings are painted with her fingers and tells about steps and stages of her life style story.

Most of her inspiration comes from the natural colourful life experience,trying to capture fleeting moments that might be glamorous,elegantly opulent or just a usual life style…after’s all about mood and feeling…thus,”She believes that art is one of the cornerstones of conceptualism that the character of an artist reflections and embodied thoughts.”

Zarmik likes to work across a variety of mediums and subject matters,with the aim to constantly challenge herself creatively.With every canvas board or materials,she actuate art to the point where you might confronted by new image and captivating attractiveness.Her recent exhibition was “The Ethereal Inspiration of Sossy Tree” which beyond this success her artwork was now in several galleries,places globally.

“The importance of this artwork intensify significantly momentous value,which captivates the importance of women predominantly a “Mother”.

As a successful woman today,Zarmik is captivated and absorbed by portraits and figures and always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others.She didn’t define herself as an abstract creator but rather an artist who juggled and learnt to be creative in the soul of revealing the emotion of women through her painting.It does not matter how the paint is put on,as long as something is meaningful.When she is painting,the chaotic beauty of her art,effectively transforming into the surreal,extraordinary.

Her passion for beyond art can either repel or entice,yet both experiences stays forever and leaves a lifetime trademark.

“It taught me that paintings often takes you in a new direction and you must find the beauty in the art you do.”