Sparkle Collective by International School of London Qatar Secondary Students,Grade 6-12

The world of Art encompasses every aspect of our busy lives today.The clothes we select to wear at the start of the work day,the music we choose to listen to as we drive to work,and the books we select from the shelves to help us unwind in the evening.All would be non-existent if it were not for the creative capacity of humans.In all our busy worlds,the art gallery-for-me-represents one of ISL Qatar’s most important pillars—that of creativity.

In Building 5 at the Katara Art Center, Chief Curator-Robyn O’Neil and Art Handlers-John Nicholson and Anny Ku-have launched into Qatar Art World,the work of young gallery artists from our IB MYP Years 6 through to 10 and from DP Years 11 and 12.

The art gallery opened its doors to visitors on the 22nd of April for all to admire.A collection of students printing,painting,textures,card construction and collages.Visitors to Katara can continue to enjoy viewing the very best work produced by ISL Qatar students from the start of the academic year from 10:00AM to 9:00PM daily,until the 1st of May.

Our gratitude are extended to Ms.O’Neil,Miss Ku and Mr.Nicholson who,together installed the exhibition and handled the student’s artworks and displayed each one of the pieces to its best advantage and in the optimal conditions.

Statement from: MYP Coordinator Helen