creative incubator

Beyond its role of exhibitor and talent spotter, KAC decided to become a creative incubator.

What is a creative incubator ?

Creative incubators are a new, but growing phenomena in the world. They facilitate the development of projects and create a nurturing environment for creative minds and emerging businesses.

KAC decided to become the first local creative incubator in order to push its involvement further into the Qatari Art Scene. Our first mission is to strengthen the creative and cultural branding of Qatar by helping local talents and creative businesses to develop.

KAC also aims to engage, inspire and enable emerging talents, and educate the next generation about the power and importance of all forms of art and culture.

"KAC plays an essential role in the
growth of the Qatar Cultural Scene"

By positioning KAC as a creative incubator, this is our way to shape KAC and the iconic Katara Village as one of the leading spots of design, art, and culture within the Middle East. Find out more about our Incubation Program.