To promote Arab art locally and globally by building a regional and international network that offers our established and emerging artists exposure beyond their geographical boundaries.


Al Markhiya gallery was established with a mission to promote and represent a distinctive group of emerging and established Arab artists in Qatar, the region and throughout the world.

Al Markhiya gallery seeks partnerships with major galleries throughout the world. This network will facilitate exchanges of exhibitions and increase exposure for local and regional talent.

Through its network al Markhiya gallery will act as a consultant to individual and corporate clients in assessing their needs and proposing consistent collection strategies that reflect their interests.

Souq Waqif

Al Markhiya opened its doors in October 2008 in Souq Waqif where we remained until 2014.

About the Gallery

In December 2014, Al Markhiya gallery relocated to its “temporary” home, now a permanent home, at Katara Art Center. In September 2017 the gallery opened its second location at The Fire Station in a two-story modern loft space. In both locations, the gallery’s season runs from September through the end of May with exhibitions changing every six to eight weeks. Opening night at the gallery includes the exhibiting artist who is present, and which offers our clients and guests the opportunity to meet and discuss the artwork. During the summer months the gallery exhibits art from our permanent collection and from previous seasons.

The Logo

Al Markhiya is an old neighbourhood in Doha. The initial inspiration for the logo came from the shape of the neighbourhood as seen from aerial photographs. By combining the angular shapes in the aerial view with a half butterfly, an interesting form emerges that resembles a butterfly with two different wings. These wings represent the emerging and established Arab artists who live either in the Arab world or beyond its boundaries. The flecks of colors in the logo, as on an artist’s palette, represent Al Markhiya gallery’s variety of artists, its geographical search for the best exhibits and its inspirational collection. Black typography was chosen to provide a stable base for the flying forms.